Headteachers of Church Owned schools, together with their Bursars have agreed to work together, using ethical means to lead Church Schools to success in both academic and Spiritual Matters.

In their annual meeting which is traditionally held at the beginning of the year, the Headteachers and Bursars discussed a wide range of issues ranging from Budgeting, Reporting, and dealing with cross generation workers to Ethics in competing with the world.

The 3 day meeting was at Bugema Adventist Secondary School from 15th to 17th January 2017.

Eld. Miiro Edward the Conference Executive Treasurer reminded the participants that Church schools have two very important financial obligations. One is to the Church that owns the schools by remitting Church fee termly and Tithe deducted from workers plus Institution Tithe which is from profits made from these institutions.

The President of CUC Pr. Samuel Kajoba emphasized the often “avoided” topic of transfers, noting that these Headteachers and Bursars were like Pastors and they were transferrable just like it is done in the government. He bluntly told them to be ready for transfer anytime.

Pr. Kaggwa Rogers the Education Director of the Conference stressed the point of reporting to higher organizations like CUC/UU and ECD in time. He also warned of reporting anything they could or couldn’t handle like land encroachers, feuds between churches and schools, and like events.

Mr. Kanyerezi Richard handled a paper on Ethics in a Competitive market warning on remaining Christians and avoid copying the worldly means of competing like “stealing” sister schools’ bright students and the like.

The Union Executive Secretary Dr. Kafeero Israel and the Union Education Director Mrs. Nyende Sarah also handled policy matters and Total Member Involvement Program.

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